“[Hayden's] honesty is blistering: every panel is a densely inked peek into the gory details of womanhood, from breastfeeding to breast cancer... Her knack for dreamlike imagery is a delightful counterpoint to this frankness... It is this combination of surrealism and an unflinching commitment to candor that elevates this memoir beyond simple confessional into something truly moving.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“There’s a theme that runs through her beautifully intimate graphic memoir that we can all relate to... Hayden recounts the story of her life by telling us the story of her breasts, as a way to explore body image, relationships, and cancer.” Marie Claire

“Heartbreaking and riveting, Jennifer Hayden's caustic, sarcastic wit streams through her quirky drawings, unfolding a survivor's tale and so much more. The Story of My Tits takes us from her flat-chested adolescence to small-boobed acceptance, then loss - until the dramatic reconstruction of Jennifer herself. Marisa Acocella Marchetto, author of Cancer Vixen and Ann Tenna

“The pacing of her storytelling is seamless... Hayden’s memoir will resonate with anyone who has suffered loss and gone on to tell the tale.” Booklist


“Hayden's work reminds me of why I began drawing comics, and why I continue. They're comforting, straightforward and strongly connected to life.” Gabrielle Bell, author of Lucky and Cecil & Jordan in New York